About us

Where it all started

Having always had cats, and a passion for good coffee; We were sat with a cat and a coffee one Sunday afternoon contemplating a few events and changes life had thrown about, when in an explosion of snowballing excitement, the Lazy Cat cafe was born, and so the adventure began!


Since then we have added a few other things, cake, quite a few more cats, a whole heap of work, research, rules and regulations, but always about our little fur babies. And this  passion is as alive now as it was back then along with mounting excitement for a dream job and some rather Lazy, dreamy cats!

We anticipate the cafe to be ever evolving with new ideas and new ways to entertain the cats, and the humans! 

With a desire to expand the cafe and add in a few cats available for adoption, i think the cafe now it is nearly open will ever be 'finished' and always fluid, so please do speak to the team about ideas you may have or things you would like to see.  

The Community

Preston has such a great sense of community, and certainly so when it comes to our feline friends. We woud like to thank each and everyone of you for your support and kind words. 

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The Lazy Cats 3 C's


Modern and city life can be hectic, so we made a safe haven for those who want to spend some time simply relaxing with our beautiful cats.

Grab a cup of hot chocolate and curl up with our friendly and fabulous cats.


Made from 100% Arabica beans from around the world, taste-tested and perfected by the team, our house blend aroma will greet you as soon as you open the door. 

For a birthday treat, or simply just because, we also licensed and even serve Prosecco!


We offer a selection of delicious cakes, watch out for our guest cakes, Poppyseed and Orange was incredible!